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Stella Connect lets you collect customer feedback after every service interaction and use it to drive agent engagement and deliver high impact coaching programs.

Get Complete Visibility Into Agent Performance

Whether you run an in-house or outsourced team, understanding the quality of your service delivery can make the difference between lost sales and customers for life. Stella Connect's humanized and gamified feedback requests generate response rates up to 10x higher than industry averages, giving you unmatched visibility into agent performance.

Drive Agent Engagement

Customer feedback is shared directly with your agents via real-time streams, dashboards and leaderboards. Positive feedback will motivate your agents throughout the day, while negative feedback will drive self-correcting behavior, reducing the coaching burden on your team leaders.

Improve Service Performance

The constant flow of agent-level customer feedback empowers team leaders to deliver positive reinforcement and in-the-moment coaching. Dashboards for individual agents drive more effective 1:1 meetings, and an end-to-end service recovery workflow will enable you to make things right with customers after subpar interactions.

Harness Executive-Level Insights

CX leaders can access macro-level insights that provide a complete picture of service performance by channel and interaction type. Dashboards help spotlight top and bottom performing team leaders and agents, and verbatim comments from customers can be used to identify and fix fracture points in products and policies.


Turnkey CRM Integrations

Seamless integrations with all major CRM and service platforms enable you to quickly and easily unlock the value of Stella Connect, while also enriching your existing customer data.



Transform the way you measure and improve your customer service