Get Service Smart with Stella Connect

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Macro and Micro Performance Insights

Get holistic analytics on the quality of your service operation. View overall service performance, then drill into top and bottom performing teams and agents.

Dive Into The Details

Stella Connect data doesn’t exist in a vacuum. We ingest data from your CRM system to provide deeper context to the customer feedback we collect. Use it to identify the types of interactions where you’re excelling and the types of interactions that need improving.

Your Data. Anywhere.

Stella Connect has been built with a fully open infrastructure. Our data return API enables you to flow your customer feedback directly into any BI or analytics platform.

Fully Flexible Exports

As well as flowing Stella Connect data directly into third party tools, you also have complete flexibility to export customer feedback and agent performance data, as well as subscribe to receive updates.



Get Deeper Visibility Into Your Service Operation