Unlock the Potential of Your Front Line Team



Motivate Your Agents and Reduce Attrition


Stella Connect shares customer feedback and customer-directed rewards directly with agents through fun and engaging real-time streams. These streams have an instant and sustained impact on team morale. Creating a happier, more motivated front-line team will drive attrition rates down, reducing costs and skill gaps across your contact center.

Deliver In-The-Moment Micro-Coaching

High volumes of real-time, agent-level performance insights will enable your team leaders to deliver in-the-moment micro-coaching to agents throughout the day. Use Connect to reinforce positive behavior and immediately course-correct after interactions that could have been handled better.

Transform 1:1 Meetings

The macro- and micro- performance insights delivered by Stella Connect will totally change the dynamic of 1:1 meetings between your team leaders and agents. Meetings will be more specific and action-oriented, and as your agents have access to the same performance insights as their managers, they will feel more empowered and be more receptive to feedback.

Drive Collaboration and Friendly Competition

Feel a buzz across your contact center through Stella Connect’s constantly updated performance leaderboards. Leaderboards are available within Stella Connect and are optimized for display on screens around your contact center.

Deliver QA reviews that agents trust and act on

The days of randomly selecting interactions to QA are over. Stella Connect will help you identify the agents that need the most support and will spotlight the specific interactions you should dive into for QA reviews.

Make Things Right After Subpar Interactions

Subpar service interactions happen. With Stella Connect’s service recovery tools and real-time feedback you can instantly make things right. You can then trigger follow-up feedback requests to measure the impact of your service recovery program on customer sentiment.

Generate Positive ROI

Stella Connect has been designed to deliver a significant return on investment to contact center teams. We do this by reducing agent attrition, improving first contact resolution rates, and giving a depth of performance insights that enable teams to streamline their service operations.