Measure Customer Satisfaction. At Scale.

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Powered by Design

At Stella Connect we take a very different approach to collecting customer feedback. We believe that visual and engaging surveys unlock more value for brands and drive deeper customer connections.

Agent-level CSAT, Delivered In Real-Time

With 30-50% response rates, Stella Connect surveys will give you a more complete view of customer satisfaction. Our industry-leading response rates increase confidence in CSAT scores, making the data more actionable and valuable across your organization.

Use CSAT to Drive Change

All too often CSAT scores are only reviewed and acted on by senior leadership. We think a little differently.

For Agents

Share CSAT scores and the feedback behind them directly with your agents to drive engagement and performance improvements.

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For Team Leads

Get a macro and micro view of performance at a company, team and agent level to spotlight overall trends and quickly highlight top and bottom performers.

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Capture The Metrics That Matter

Adding an additional question on top of your agent-level CSAT will unlock more value across your organization. With Stella Connect you can fully customize this additional question, whether it’s a customer effort score, transactional NPS, or first contact resolution question.

Your Data, Delivered Everywhere

CSAT, transactional NPS, CES, FCR: these are data points that deliver value across your org. We recognize that, which is why at Stella Connect, we offer fully flexible APIs that enable you to flow insights directly into CRM platforms, BI tools, or any other data platforms.



Get the Full Picture on Customer Satisfaction