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Let Your Customers do the Talking

With Stella Connect, positive feedback from customers is collected and shared directly with your agents in real-time throughout their day. This constant drumbeat of feedback will drive agent engagement and motivation and help you retain your top talent.

Drive Self Correcting Behavior

Negative feedback, when it happens, gives your agents a chance to self-correct and proactively reach out to team leaders for help or clarification. This level of transparency will put your agents in the driving seat.

Build collaboration and friendly competition

Build a buzz across your contact center through constantly updated performance leaderboards. Leaderboards are updated hourly and optimized for display on screens around your contact center.

Spread the Word

Sharing functionality, including a seamless Slack integration, enables you to automatically push positive feedback out across your team, to executives, or your whole organization.

Empower Your Agents

Alongside feedback streams and leaderboards, each agent gets a dedicated dashboard giving them a more macro view of their performance over time. Knowing how CSAT scores are trending over time ensures there are no nasty surprises when agents walk into 1:1 meetings with team leads.



Build a More Engaged Service Team and Retain Your Top Talent

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