How Stella Connect Works


Real-Time Feedback Streams

Customer feedback and reward votes collected through Stella Connect flow into real-time streams, which agents have open in front of them throughout their day. This constant stream of feedback keeps agents motivated and engaged and will create an instant lift in morale across your contact center. Manager versions of these streams provide a real-time pulse on individual agent performance.

Performance Leaderboards

Leaderboards highlight top performing agents. Leaderboards can be displayed on screens around the contact center to build excitement, energy and competition. Leaderboards are updated hourly and can be configured by team or company overall.

Customizable Feedback Alerts

Customizable desktop and email alerts ensure team leaders never miss a piece of negative feedback. Alerts are used to highlight opportunities for in-the-moment micro-coaching.

Agent-Level Performance Dashboards

Agent dashboards provide an aggregate view of performance and power more effective 1:1 meetings and reviews. All data points on these dashboards can be drilled into to reveal the related customer feedback.

Team and Company Dashboards

Team and company dashboards provide managers and executives with a detailed snapshot of overall team metrics and the performance of individual agents. These dashboards prioritize where coaching and positive reinforcement are needed most and help QA teams operate more efficiently.

Agent-Level Performance Insights

At the heart of Stella Connect is customer-led feedback on individual agents, which is collected after every service interaction.

Humanize Your Service

Agent photos and bios humanize the service experience and drive response rates of up to 50%.

Actionable Insights

Comments and star ratings deliver high volumes of actionable performance insights on individual agents.

Gamify Your Contact Center

Customer-directed rewards gamify the experience and drive engagement and motivation.

Gather Deeper Insights

An additional question lets you uncover deeper agent-level performance insights.

Drive Micro-Coaching

Areas of improvement create micro-coaching opportunities following subpar service experiences.

Build Awareness and Drive Sales

Social sharing builds brand awareness and raises the profile of your service team.

Flexible Apps and Integrations

Stella Connect easily integrates with CRM and service platforms. Through our integrations you can capture real-time customer feedback and use it to motivate your front-line team, power service recovery programs and transform your coaching and QA.