Transform 1:1s Between Agents and Team Leads

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Increase Transparency and Collaboration

1:1 Meetings between agents and team leads should be motivational and action-oriented. Too often, they lack direction and clear follow-ups. That’s why we designed Stella Connect 1:1s, an elegant tool for managing and improving the 1:1 process.

Because Preparation is Key

With Stella Connect 1:1s, your team leads can create and save notes between 1:1 meetings. This ensures that the important details are never forgotten despite the frenetic pace of contact center life.

Always Action Oriented

Through the 1:1s tool, team leads can take general notes, give kudos for a job well done and then create action plans for the week or month ahead. Combining positive reinforcement with notes and action plans delivers a holistic picture to agents, which helps drives engagement and action.

Track and Review Progress

Team leads can get an at-a-glance view into how individual agents are tracking against action items set from prior meetings. Knowing that team leads have this level of visibility will drive behavioral changes across team members, which reduces the burden of following-up on team leaders.

Make it Collaborative

After 1:1 meetings are complete, positive reinforcement and action items are shared directly with agents. These action items are displayed prominently in agents’ feedback streams ensuring they are always front of mind. Agents can mark action items as complete between meetings, giving them a sense of accomplishment and their team leads visibility into progress.



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