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Stella Connect creates a more fun and engaging workplace, with higher performing agents.

Motivate Your Team

With Stella Connect, positive feedback from customers is collected and shared directly with your agents in real-time throughout their day. This constant drumbeat of feedback will boost morale and give your team leaders a chance to deliver motivational positive reinforcement.

Drive Self-Correcting Behavior

Negative feedback, when it happens, gives your agents a chance to self-correct and proactively reach out to team leaders for help or clarification. This level of transparency will empower your agents and put them in the driving seat.

Recognize and Reward Great Experiences

Customer-directed rewards or ‘areas of excellence’ add a gamified element to your contact center. Rewards can be tied directly to bonus programs which will incentivize your agents to delight customers during every interaction.

Drive Collaboration and Friendly Competition

Build a buzz across your contact center through constantly updated performance leaderboards. Leaderboards are updated hourly and optimized for display on screens around your contact center.



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