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Crack the Code of Agent Engagement

We understand exactly what makes agents tick and have designed our platform in a way that delivers instant motivation and engagement. With Stella Connect, you will be able to share real-time customer feedback with agents throughout their day, and harness gamified features like rewards and leaderboards.

Empower Your Team LeadersĀ 

Stella Connect delivers a constant pulse on agent performance and the tools you need to turn insights into action. This unmatched level of visibility will empower your team leaders like never before and open up completely new possibilities for coaching and agent development.

Powered by Real-Time Performance Insights

Stella Connect works by collecting agent-level performance insights from customers after every service interaction.

Humanize Your Service

Agent photos and bios humanize the service experience and drive response rates of up to 50%.

Actionable Insights

Comments and star ratings deliver high volumes of actionable performance insights on individual agents.

Gamify Your Contact Center

Customer-directed rewards gamify the experience and drive engagement and motivation.

Gather Deeper Insights

An additional question lets you uncover deeper agent-level performance insights.

Drive Micro-Coaching

Areas of improvement create micro-coaching opportunities following subpar service experiences.

Build Awareness and Drive Sales

Social sharing builds brand awareness and raises the profile of your service team.

Built Specifically for Customer Service Teams

Performance insights captured from customers are shared with agents and team leaders in realtime through customizable streams, dashboards and leaderboards.



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