Customer-Centric Quality Assurance

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Bridge the Gap Between QA and Customer Feedback

Stella Connect enables you to launch QA reviews off actual customer feedback, making it easier to find meaningful interactions to review. This approach streamlines your QA process by ensuring you are always reviewing a representative sample of interactions, both good and bad.

QA In Real-Time

Sharing QA reviews with agents is more impactful if it is done immediately following interactions. With Stella Connect, you can view an up to the minute list of interactions for every agent and immediately launch reviews, whether customer feedback has been received or not. For brands that prefer random interaction selection, this feature is a way to still increase the impact of QA programs.

Optimize Your QA Scorecard

By linking QA reviews with customer feedback, you can quickly highlight where there are disconnects between internal quality measures and the way in which customers rate performance. This visibility prevents myopic thinking and enables you to evolve and enhance what quality really means to your organization.

QA ‘Light’

As a QA leader, there are certain interactions that don’t warrant full reviews, but still offer valuable coaching opportunities. With Stella Connect, we’ve incorporated an Annotations feature which lets you call out specific aspects of an interaction without launching a full review.

Make QA Count

Too often QA reviews are shared with agents with no real action plans or accountability. With Stella Connect, you can highlight specific action items and share them directly with agents. Action items appear in feedback streams that agents have open in front of them throughout their day, ensuring areas of improvement and focus are always front of mind.



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