Recently, we wrote about preparing the front line for inbound calls from angry customers. We also shared some great tools agents can use during these encounters. But what about service […]

While many companies do their best to consistently wow customers, a few leading brands have become legendary for it. Their entire enterprise revolves around the customer. This customer-centric management style […]

In our last post, we offered up 10 tips for handling angry customer calls this holiday season. Hard as it may be to calm and satisfy an angry customer over […]

As we wrote in last week’s post, the busy holiday season is a stressful period for front-line teams. Getting blasted by an angry customer magnifies that stress 1,000 times, rattling […]

Zendesk Relate is in full swing at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco this week. Alongside a packed schedule of panels and keynotes, there’s one product announcement which is generating […]

Black Friday is approaching fast. You’ve spent weeks or months working through your customer service priority checklist: people, processes, technology, workflows. Your front-line teams are bracing for what’s coming – […]

Zendesk Relate is nearly here! As we get ready to make our way out west for some insights, inspiration, and good times with our fellow travelers in the global customer […]

  After decades of punishing workflows and stress, contact center leaders can finally breathe easy. No more running a bare-bones, high-churn operation to save money. No more scrambling to (barely) […]

FabFitFun is all about bringing joy to its members. Each season, it ships them curated boxes of full-size beauty, lifestyle, and wellness products. The brand offers other perks, too: member-only […]

Once upon a time, customer service jobs offered a steady paycheck in exchange for mind-numbing, morale-crushing workdays. Most agents were out the door within a few weeks or months. To […]