Lately, we’ve had some interesting conversations with brand executives around the concept of remote customer service. Many are just beginning to explore the idea, asking how a virtual contact center […]

Call center performance management has, for many brands, changed little over the years. Managers spend their days coaching and training, training and coaching. QA reviews continue apace. Agents struggle to […]

In recent years, we’ve seen a major shift in brands’ approaches to customer service delivery and contact center performance management. With market realities closing in, more and more brand leaders […]

Consistently great front-line performance is the goal of every call center training program. Day in and day out, managers and QA reviewers scramble to make sure agents are performing at […]

  Brooklinen, a fast-growing online retailer that made its debut in 2012, wasn’t founded on a whim. It was developed as a simple, consumer-friendly solution to a familiar problem: the […]


If your quality assurance program isn’t delivering enough value, this report is for you. Download it today to find out what might be crippling your QA process—and how you can […]

Take an inside look at how Brooklinen, a VC-backed startup, scales and manages its customer service team.

Soft skills are the heart and soul of great customer service. The ability to listen closely, empathize, and respond in a friendly, helpful manner is the mark of an outstanding […]

If you’re serious about driving real results on the front line, it’s time to get serious about call center gamification. Few other initiatives can transform the call center culture and […]

First Call Resolution (FCR) is the most important metric your contact center can measure. It captures the efficiency of your team, tells you how well you’re serving customers, and highlights what […]