Driving Bottom
Line Performance



Stella Connect is sold on a flexible per seat pricing model. Despite our standard SaaS pricing, clients don’t think of Stella Connect as an expense; they think of us a tool for driving bottom line performance. We do this in three key ways:

Reduce Agent Attrition

By sharing customer feedback directly with agents, and incorporating gamified elements like rewards and leaderboards, Stella Connect builds more motivated and engaged front-line teams, which is proven to reduce agent churn. Churn is one of the most significant and costliest challenges facing contact centers today.

Streamline your Quality Measurement Program

Stella Connect feedback requests generate up to 50% response rates, and it’s feedback that is focused directly on individual agents. This depth of feedback transforms contact center QA programs and gives clients the opportunity to reallocate existing QA resources, which can deliver significant cost savings.

“Using Stella Connect has transformed the QA process for Warby Parker, allowing us to reduce resources needed to evaluate the quality of interactions.”

Do More With Less

The high volume of feedback captured through Stella Connect enables team leaders to deliver more effective coaching, which translates into performance improvements and increased first contact resolution rates. This reduces the number of repeat contacts, meaning smaller teams can achieve the same customer service goals.

“With Stella Connect we’ve seen a measurable uptick in the quality of our service delivery, which enables us to resolve more customer inquiries with fewer staff, and drive more revenue.”