Make Things Right After Subpar Interactions

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Service Recovery: Your New Secret Weapon

Service recovery is the secret weapon of high-performance CX operations. Making things right with customers who have had poor service experiences can help you retain customers, convert new customers, and build a halo effect of positivity around your brand.

Spotlight Negative Interactions

When a customer leaves a piece of negative feedback, it is flagged within Stella Connect and a new ticket is automatically created in your CRM platform.

Make the Call

Team leads can triage all new tickets to determine whether it is appropriate to follow-up directly with the customer. If it is, the ticket is assigned and the follow-up interaction takes place.

Measure the Impact

After the customer has been recontacted and the new ticket is closed, you can automatically trigger a follow-up Stella Connect request designed to measure changes in customer sentiment.

Track Performance and Impact

Service Recovery dashboards let you look at your service recovery funnel to see the positive impacts of your program.

Service Recovery Success Stories

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Don’t accept poor service delivery. Get the tools to act on it.