Use Great Service to Drive Awareness and Sales

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Let Customers do Your Marketing for you

Service interactions can be ephemeral. Positive sparks between customers and agents disappear as interactions end. With Stella Connect you can make positive customer sentiment work for you. As a final step in our feedback requests, customers are invited to share their positive experiences across social.

Push offers and promotions

As well as driving social shares, you can use the last step in your feedback request to push special offers or promotions, drive refer-a-friend programs, or introduce customers to new product lines. Tracking IDs can attribute sales directly back to your team, further raising the profile of your service operation.

Give Your Brand a Positive Halo

For some brands, garnering positive reviews on third-party sites is key for growth and awareness. Stella Connect makes it easy for you to invite happy customers to leave reviews. Get credit for your amazing service experience, and become heroes with your marketing team.



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