Unmatched Visibility Into Your Service Performance

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Stella Connect will give you complete visibility into the performance of your agents and team leaders, which will unlock three top and bottom line benefits.

Reduce Agent Attrition

By sharing customer feedback directly with agents, and leveraging gamified elements like rewards and leaderboards, Stella Connect will boost agent morale and reduce attrition. Whether you run an inhouse or outsourced team, retaining your top talent will deliver better brand consistency and higher quality service experiences.

Scale Your Team More Cost Effectively

Real-time agent-level performance insights, and more automated coaching and QA programs will enable you to scale your service team more effectively. Team leaders will be able to manage larger pods of agents, and you'll need fewer QA resources because of a more streamlined and effective program.

Drive More Sales and Repeat Purchase

By unlocking opportunities for in-the-moment micro-coaching, and providing the tools to run more productive 1:1 meetings and QA reviews, Stella Connect will drive continuous improvements in service performance. Service recovery features built into the platform will also allow you to immediately make things right with customers after subpar interactions.



Experience the Benefits of a More Motivated Service Team.